Key figures Intershop Group

1HY 20161HY 2015
Net property earningsCHF m37.636.9
Profit on disposalsCHF m0.211.9
Valuation changesCHF m0.4-0.1
Operating result (EBIT)CHF m34.144.2
Earnings before taxes (EBT)CHF m33.937.1
Net incomeCHF m31.429.2
Cash flow from operationsCHF m18.935.6
Property investmentsCHF m9.612.6
Total assets 2)CHF m1'333.01'404.8
Properties 2)CHF m1'253.81'246.2
Financial liabilities 2)CHF m591.7661.7
Equity 2)CHF m555.5557.5
Return on equity 1)11.5%10.9%
Return on equity without valuation changes1)6)11.4%11.0%
Number of investment properties 2)4949
Number of development properties 2)7)1011
Lettable area 2)in m2583'544581'689
Gross yield 2)3)4)6.5%6.5%
Net yield 2)3)5)5.7%5.7%
Vacancy rate 2)3)11.6%10.6%
Number of employees 2)5755
Net profit per shareCHF15.7214.60
Net profit per share without valuation changes 6)CHF15.5814.65
Equity per share (Net Asset Value, NAV) 2)CHF277.76278.76
Share price on reporting date 2)CHF449.00402.50
1)  Based on average equity in the reporting period
2)  Figures as of 30/06/2016 and 31/12/2015
3)  Figures relate to investment properties on the reporting date
4)  Effective annual gross rental income in relation to market value on the reporting date
5)  Effective annual gross rental income less all directly attributable property expenses (without interest) in relation to market value on the reporting date
6)  Not including valuation changes and the resulting deferred taxes
7)  Including promotional properties